Long List of Life Updates

Happy almost Christmas everyone!


A view from one of the Springboard for Children centres in Peckham.

I originally wrote this as an obnoxiously long post on Facebook – it’s a list of various life tidbits I think you’ll enjoy (since many of you have told me you like living vicariously through my stories and photos.) So at the request of my dear friends and parental figures living vicariously through me, HERE IS A LIST. Nine very short descriptions of experiences I want to share. So much love to all of you, and THANK YOU for all the support from far away.

1. I now own 6 of the 7 Harry Potter books in British English, including 2 hardcover first editions. I have distinct memories of buying each one…for example, I bought Harry Potter and Philosopher’s Stone at a market in Greenwich while some jovial British men older than my parents danced and sang along to Doris Day on a record player. 

2. I love choir. And Christmas carols. And singing British carols in London in a beautiful Anglican church is lovely indeed, especially when our choir led the carol service last night. LET THERE BE LIGHT! So many candles. 

3. I’m spending Christmas with an amazing supervisor and her family in the Cotswolds. Google it for some beautiful, quintessential British scenery.

4. I get to help plan ARTS AND CRAFTS FOR TEENAGERS (huzzah!!!) for a New Years event at a friend’s church much further north of London…

5. …and then I get to spend a few days exploring York! Just booked the train tickets for the New Year’s and post New Year’s holiday.  THERE IS A VIKING MUSEUM IN YORK. Apparently, there used to be incredibly violent tension between my Norwegian and British ancestors (invasions, pillaging, etc.)…but then they moved to North America, took up farming, married each other, and voila! Here I am. International family dysfunction with eye-catching displays in a museum.


The beautiful architecture and festive decorations at King’s Cross Station on the day I went to buy my rail card.

6. One of my students wrote a story and drew a picture about a pig who walked down the road wearing a jumper (sweater, for you Americans.) “Sean” said the pig is going to a party, where there is another pig wearing a jumper. The two pigs are in love and will always live happily ever after with lots of hugs and floating hearts. In their jumpers. The end.

7. When I get homesick, I just watch an episode of X-Men (the 90s American cartoon) or Star Trek: Next Generation. And then I feel instantly better.

8. The Last of the Really Great Whangdoodles is slowly becoming one of my new favourite books. It’s about these British children who travel to a different dimension called Whangdoodleland with this eccentric British professor. Julie Andrews wrote it. Yes, you read that right. Julie Andrews (aka Mary Poppins, Maria Von Trapp.) Because she is that amazing. Thank you, baby brother Wesley Crusher, for the graduation gift. 

9. I have been going on 8 mile runs. 8 miles?! REALLY??!! Yes. No one is more surprised than me about my body’s new found stamina. I can run from my flat past the Shard, past St Paul’s Cathedral, along the Thames, past Westminster Abbey, the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament and Big Ben. Then back to my flat to stretch and relax with a cuppa (cup of tea.) No big deal.  And I’ll probably run the London 10K to raise money for Springboard for Children in July.


More to come soon! (my flatmates took pictures of me singing in the Christmas caroling service, and Christmas celebrations and New Year’s will happen SOON!) Let me know if there are specific things you want me to share on Facebook or in my blog. 

With love,



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